who am I?

Robin Anderson

A multi-passionate freelance musician, singer, pianist, teacher, composer, singer-songwriter, director, piano tuner &

arts advocate!

Robin Anderson is a DIY musician and performer embracing her entrepreneurial spirit one pursuit at a time. A versatile singer and pianist from mid-Missouri, Robin’s music weaves elements of her classical training with more modern expressions of voice, lyricism, style, and structure, delivering palatable pop-piano melodies and instrumental hooks.

Her diverse history as a freelance musician has included appointments at home and abroad in public and higher education, theaters, choral ensembles, concert halls and series, not-for-profit organizations, churches, music festivals, corporate events, and in living rooms via house concerts and private performances. There's rarely a musical environment where she’s not at home...


Recent projects of note include an appearance at Carnegie Hall, a three-state, ten-day midwest tour following the release of her debut album, In All Degrees, and a sophomore EP, Sea Songs, penned and recorded on the Gulf Coast. She holds a master’s degree in Music Education from MU and a certificate in Arts Management from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. Today, she serves on the board and sings with The Quorus, Columbia’s LGBTQ community choir, manages a large independent private studio, and regularly performs with The Upsides, a 5-piece regional Americana band, and Cabaret for a Cause, a collective of local singers. She also accompanies choirs and tunes pianos. And roasts coffee out of her kitchen. Sometimes she sleeps.